About Us

Negarta is an online art gallery created by a team of young enthusiasts living back and forth between Eastern and Western cultures. After spending some time abroad, we are no longer concerned about where we belong or where we come from, as we are all connected by and attracted to things that matter to us the most:

- good will and collaboration with local communities,

- supporting artists and creatives of all kinds,

- motivating people to express their true selves and share their knowledge with others,

- constantly learning and striving for a change, 

- celebrating beauty in all its forms.

What made us in love with Thailand and artists who live here is their simple view on life and lacking of fear in general, being patient and calm - having less chains and boundaries. Their impulse is to create whilst ours is to pass it onto others who share the same vision. 

Join us on our journey of supporting and admiring the work of art listed in Negarta's collections!

Your opinion, advice, inquiry or any other thought truly matters to us, so feel free to write it down and send to our email - info@negarta.com.

We are here to help local artists reach this art loving and caring community around the world who never settles for the ordinary, eager to leave an impact on making this world a better place!

By buying art from local's, you are not just motivating them to work harder. It is also possible to donate 5% of the price of the artwork to one of the following institutions (just copy a link and paste it in the checkout box):