Isara's Profile Picture

Isara Thaothong (Known as Ids) was born in Bangkok,Thailand in 1975. He graduated from Rangsit University Faculty of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting, in 1998.

Some years ago he moved to Phuket to further his art and opened modern gallery space called Drawing Room Phuket. This incredible, and creative space is shared with fellow artists and friends, Jek Siam and Artik.

Drawing Room Phuket

Following his graduation, Khun Isara decided to get more involved with doodling, developing an industrial style and feel to his artworks. Isara defines his art as “Doodle , Modern art , Graffiti“ integrating his distinctive tribal line, pattern with manifold signs and symbols. Inspired by his childhood, he developed his own character “Peepho” and “Moi” (Robot) so-called because he peeps around the edges of drawings, every character in my drawings is inspired by my childhood’s happy memories, enjoyment and dreaming.

His artworks are mostly Ink on Canvas, sometimes also incorporating acrylics and spray paint. 

*** Khun Isara's artworks sell quite fast, sometimes before we even get a chance to list them. If you would like to order an art piece created by Khun Isara, please contact Negarta directly via